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By Marc Cerasini

Area fifty one: America's top-secret complicated army trying out flooring, hidden away within the Nevada barren region, the place the remarkable guns of the following day are being built. yet a mole contained in the impregnable facility has been leaking hugely complex killing expertise to America's worst enemies . . . who intend to show its harmful strength on an unsuspecting country ahead of the day is out.

Agent Jack Bauer has a trifling twenty-four hours to derail a awful plot, as a dangerous endgame takes form within the neon glare of within reach Las Vegas. yet to take action, the rogue CTU operative should lead an most unlikely attack on region fifty one itself—and divulge a deadly string of betrayal and corruption that leads from the terrorists to the underworld and all of the manner into the center of the U.S. government.

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The works. ” “I see. ” Jack exhaled, figuring out the results for successful like that. “I think the assault compromised extra of the Agency’s operations in Colombia? ” Henderson nodded. “You’ll see the studies quickly sufficient. ” “Reports of . . . ? ” “The hits, Jack. ” Henderson’s easygoing masks momentarily slipped. “CIA and DEA operations in Cartegena, in Medellin, in Cali and in Barranquilla . . . They’ve all been quietly taken out some time past numerous hours,” he stated. Jack took a number of seconds to approach this. He leaned ahead, resting his forearms over the hazard overview dossier. “Christopher, that can’t be the paintings of the Rojas gang. They’re too small time to carry sway in Cali, Bogotá, or Barranquilla. They couldn’t act on rival turf with no cooperation. A deal of a few style should have been made . . . ” Henderson nodded yet hesitated earlier than asserting extra. “What are you aware? ” Jack pressed. “I desire the entire proof sooner than i will support. Are the Rojas consolidating energy? Going nationwide? foreign? is that this a political state of affairs? ” Henderson moved to the sting of his chair. “The goal of those raids was once my agent. The Rojas family members and its competitors are eager to locate him. They’re attempting to get better what Gordon stole from them. ” “But you don’t be aware of what he has,” Jack assumed. “That’s now not . . . accurately . . . actual. ” Henderson stared at Jack, unblinking. The masks used to be again. “Guiterrez contacted me back final evening, via a . . . again channel connection. ” Jack didn’t take care of Henderson’s surprising vagueness of wording. It smacked of legalese. “What form of ‘back channel’ connection? ” Henderson diminished his voice. “He referred to as me on a sat mobilephone I preserve privately. ” Jack didn’t comprehend why Henderson used to be sidestepping service provider tracking, yet he didn’t ask. If somebody understood the occasional have to violate protocol, Jack did. “Gordon informed me what he’d grabbed, and that i understood why he needed to get out, and take it with him. He snatched a prototype of a conveyable electronics machine that could render an aircraft nearly invisible to standard radar. ” Jack blinked. “Is that attainable? i assumed an aircraft’s stealthy features got here from its form . . . besides the composite fabrics utilized in its building? ” Jack knew all in regards to the Hopeless Diamond configuration of the F–117 Stealth fighter, and the fl at-surfaces, angular layout and non-refl ective fuselage of the Raptor. the form and fabrics of either plane have been engineered to defl ect radar, rendering them essentially invisible. Henderson nodded. “Our complicated warring parties do depend on fabrics and form, yet in addition they have digital sub-systems which may generate a box round the plane. This fi eld successfully absorbs, deflects, or dissipates radar waves. Guiterrez claims the prototype he snatched could make any airplane seem to vanish— even one with out the stealthy fabrics or form. ” “My god . . . ” Jack rubbed his neck as he thought of the potential makes use of of a convenient little package deal like that one. “If smugglers can use this expertise to fl y throughout America’s borders undetected, then so can terrorists.

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