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By Richard E. Jones

This acclaimed textual content has been totally revised and up-to-date, now incorporating matters together with getting older of the reproductive approach, and updates at the chapters on perception and Gamete delivery and Fertilization, and Pregnancy.

Human Reproductive Biology, third version emphasizes the organic and biomedical features of human replica, explains advances in reproductive technological know-how and discusses the alternatives and issues of at the present time. Generously illustrated in complete colour, the textual content offers present information regarding human reproductive anatomy and physiology.

The perfect publication for classes on human reproductive biology - comprises bankruptcy introductions, sidebars on comparable issues of curiosity, bankruptcy summaries and proposals for additional reading.

* All fabric competely up-to-date with the newest study effects, tools, and subject matters now geared up to facilitate logical presentation of topics

* New chapters on Reproductive Senescence, notion: Gamete delivery, Fertilization, being pregnant: Maternal points and being pregnant: Fetal Development

* complete colour illustrations, New significant other site that includes newest details on present comparable subject matters

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