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With the emergence of the hot box of evolutionary developmental biology we're witnessing a renaissance of Darwin's insights one hundred fifty years after his foundation of Species. up to now, the intriguing findings from "evo-devo" have in basic terms been trickling into university classes and into the area of non-specialists. With its specialise in the human organism, Quirks of Human Anatomy opens the floodgates through declaring the arguments of evo-devo in undeniable English, and by way of supplying a cornucopia of fascinating case stories and examples. Its didactic worth is superior by way of 24 schematic diagrams that combine a number of disparate observations, through its Socratic question-and-answer layout, and by way of its unparalleled compilation of the literature. by means of framing the "hows" of improvement by way of the "whys" of evolution, it we could readers probe the inner most questions of biology. Readers will locate the ebook not just academic but additionally relaxing, because it revels within the enjoyable of clinical exploration.

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