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By William Shakespeare

This version of The Richard II is principally designed for college students, with available on-page notes and explanatory illustrations, transparent historical past details, and rigorous yet obtainable scholarly credentials. This variation contains illustrations, initial notes, interpreting lists (including web content) and school room notes, permitting scholars to grasp Shakespeare's work.

About the Series:
Newly redesigned and more straightforward to learn, each one play within the Oxford college Shakespeare sequence comprises the total and unabridged textual content, special and transparent causes of inauspicious phrases and passages, a synopsis of the plot, summaries of person scenes, and notes at the major characters. additionally incorporated is a variety of questions and actions for paintings in school, including the old heritage to Shakespeare's England, a quick biography of Shakespeare, and a whole record of his plays.

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Come, mourn with me for that I do lament, And wear sullen48 black incontinent. I’ll make a voyage to the Holy Land49, to clean this blood off from my in charge hand. March sadly51 after: grace my mourning the following, In weeping after52 this premature bier. Exeunt TEXTUAL NOTES Q = First 4to textual content of 1597 F = First Folio textual content of 1623 F2 = a correction brought within the moment Folio textual content of 1632 Ed = a correction brought by way of a later editor checklist of components = Ed 1. 1. 127 duly = Q. now not in F 163 Obedience bids = Ed. F erroneously prints the phrases two times 203 we will = Q. F = you shall 1. 2. 20 pale spelled vaded in F forty three to = F. Q = and sixty two my = F. Q = thy 1. three. 28 plated = Q. F = put 29 officially = Q. F = previously seventy six furbish = Q. F = provide 86 King = Q. F = Kings 256 as foil = Q. F = a soyle 266 by no means = Q. F = euer 1. four. 7 blew = Q. F = grew 22 Bagot the following = Q. F = heere Bagot 27 smiles = Q. F = soules 2. 1. 18 came upon = Q. F = sound 118 chasing = Q. F = chafing 191 grip spelled gripe in F 234 thou wouldst = Q. F = thou’dst 286 Brittany = Ed. F = Britaine 2. 2. three life-harming = Q. F = selfe-harming 27 weeps = Q. F = weepe fifty four son younger = Q. F = yong sonne seventy four desire lingers = Q. F = hopes linger ninety five as … callèd = Q. F = I got here by means of, and call’d 2. three. 87 nor uncle me no uncle = Ed. F = nor Unckle me ninety two then extra = Q. F = extra then three. 2. 26 rebellion’s = Q. F = Rebellious 102 makes = Q. F = make 107 Whitebeards = Q. F = White Beares 177 And … your self = Q. now not in F three. three. 39 such a lot royal = Q. F = Royall (F’s lineation can also be aberrant in those strains) three. four. eleven pleasure = Ed. F = Griefe 26 come = Q. F = comes sixty one we at = Ed. F = at sixty two Do = Q. F = And 70 and = F. Q = of four. 1. 27 I say thou = Q. F = Thou 34 sympathy = Q. F = sympathize 113 noblesse = Q. F = noblenesse 132 his = F. Q = this 139 rear = F. Q = elevate five. 1. 39 thy = Q. F = my five. three. 36 be = Q. F = me forty nine cause = F. Q = treason sixty two held = Q. F = had ninety three kneel = F. Q = walke five. five [Scene five] = Ed. F = Scoena Quarta (i. e. numbered five. four, considering the fact that prior scene holiday isn't famous) 31 felony = F. Q = individual ninety five Spurred, galled = Q. F = Spur-gall’d five. 6 [Scene 6] = Ed. F = Scoena Quinta 4to PASSAGES that don't seem within the FOLIO Following 1. three. 127: And for we predict the eagle-wingèd satisfaction Of sky-aspiring and bold strategies, With rival-hating envy, set on you To wake our peace, which in our country’s cradle attracts the candy child breath of light sleep; Following 1. three. 232: O, had it been a stranger, no longer my baby, To soft his fault I must have been extra gentle: A partial slander sought I to prevent, And within the sentence my very own lifestyles destroyed. Following 1. three. 257: BULLINGBROOK Nay, really, each tedious stride I make Will yet consider me what a deal of global I wander from the jewels that i admire. needs to I now not serve an extended apprenticehood To international passages, and after all, Having my freedom, boast of not anything else yet that i used to be a journeyman to grief? GAUNT All areas that the attention of heaven visits Are to a sensible guy ports and satisfied havens. educate thy necessity to cause therefore; there's no advantage like necessity.

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