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By Robert H. MacArthur

Biogeography used to be caught in a "natural historical past section" ruled via the gathering of knowledge, the younger Princeton biologists Robert H. MacArthur and Edward O. Wilson argued in 1967. during this ebook, the authors built a normal concept to provide an explanation for the evidence of island biogeography. the idea builds at the first rules of inhabitants ecology and genetics to give an explanation for how distance and zone mix to control the stability among immigration and extinction in island populations. The authors then try out the speculation opposed to facts. The idea of Island Biogeography was once by no means meant because the final observe at the topic. in its place, MacArthur and Wilson sought to stimulate new types of theoretical and empirical reviews, with a purpose to lead in flip to a higher normal idea. Even a 3rd of a century considering that its ebook, the e-book keeps to serve that function good. From well known books like David Quammen's Song of the Dodo to arguments within the expert literature, The idea of Island Biogeography continues to be on the heart of discussions in regards to the geographic distribution of species. In a brand new preface, Edward O. Wilson experiences the origins and results of this vintage book.

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