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By Brian Jacques, Allan Curless

The murderous Rapscallion military is at the circulate. Dealt a humiliating defeat by means of woman Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger woman of Salamandastron, who nonetheless pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take a fair higher prize: the peaceable Abbey of Redwall. The elite scuffling with unit of hares, the lengthy Patrol, is named out to attract them off. on the leading edge is the younger hare Tammo, the lead sword in a single of the main ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced?ready to struggle to the demise!

?[Jacques is] a masterful storyteller. . . . As within the different Redwall books, the mix of an soaking up plot, strong characterization, and distinct description make the radical a page-turner.?
?The Horn Book

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So don’t move tellin’ me not more of yer fibs. Lord Damug pointed t’me, you acknowledged so yerself, huh, you even shoved me ahead! ’ Sneezewort was once hopping with rage. He ran at Lousewort, shrieking, ‘I’ll shove yer ahead an’ sideways an’ back’ards to boot, y’great lump o’ lardbottomed crabmeat! ’ yet Lousewort was once a piece too huge and sturdy to shove. He stood enterprise, shaking a cautionary paw at his good friend. ‘Er er, cease that, you, y’can’t shove me, I’m an officer now! ’ Sneezewort complex on him, sneering ominously. ‘So I can’t shove yer, eh? Who’s gonna cease me, Scrawfonk? ’ Lousewort grabbed carry of Sneezewort and held him firmly. ‘Ooh, you shouldn’t a referred to as me that, that’s a foul identify to name anybeast! Er er, i do know who’ll cease yer, my brother officer. Hoi, Hogspit, there’s a low universal pawrat ’ere, callin’ an officer naughty names an’ shovin’ ’im too. ’ the massive nasty weasel strode aggressively up and punched Sneezewort not easy within the abdominal. ‘Lissen, popguts, don’t permit me ever capture you givin’ cheek to a Rapscour. An’ you, blatherbonce, don’t allow ’im shove yer, see! ’ Grabbing them either by means of the ears Hogspit banged their heads jointly resoundingly. He strode off, leaving them either ruefully rubbing their skulls. Lousewort checked out Sneezewort dazedly. ‘Er er, allow that be a lesson to yer, matey! ’ he muttered. a short time after the Rapscours had left with their scouts, the nice military acquired less than manner. Drums beating to the speed in their march battered out at a ground-eating cost because the day complex into hot sunny afternoon. Northward the Rapscallion host tramped, airborne dirt and dust emerging in a cloud at the back of their banners and drums – merely 3 days clear of the southernmost borders of Mossflower state. * * * sixteen a tender lady hare named Deodar stood on a hilltop with reference to the west shore. She nibbled at a fresh-plucked dandelion flower, gazing a runner coming near near from the northeast. Deodar knew it used to be Algador Swiftback, although he was once nonetheless a trifling dot within the distance. His atypical lengthy jumping stride marked him out from all of the others at Salamandastron. Now he would seem on a hilltop, then be misplaced to sight as he descended into the valley, yet pop up almost immediately atop one other dune, traveling good, along with his swish prolonged lope helping devour up the miles simply. The solar used to be in the back of Deodar now, soaring over the immeasurable expanses of sea which lapped the coast correct as much as the shore in entrance of the mountain. She waved and used to be rewarded via the sight of Algador waving again. Deodar sat at the sandy tor, having fun with the warmth of the solar on her again. Algador took the final lap on the similar velocity he were operating all day. He may possibly run nearly as quickly as his brother, Riffle the Galloper of significant Perigord’s patrol. respiring evenly, he sat down subsequent to Deodar. ‘Hah! So you’re my aid. What’ll this be now, leave out, your 3rd run o’ the season? ’ Deodar stood, flexing her limbs. ‘Fifth, truly. the place did you hide, Algy? ’ Algador made a sweep together with his paw. ‘Northeast from there to there. No signal of Perigord returning but and no indicators of Rapscallions or different vermin.

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